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Short turnaround

I don’t do much besides edit, so I end up having a lot of free time. This means I can send you your finished product quickly.


Got a specific theme for your video or on your channel? No worries! I will try my best to match it!

Special Effects

I always try to throw in a couple of nice, complementary special effects in videos!

Cheap, but good.

I try to keep my services appealing to YouTubers who are just starting off by keeping everything affordable.

Industry-leading Software

I edit videos using the leading standard, Premiere Pro. This means if you also know Premiere, we can collaborate easier!

Ghost Editor

No credit is required when using my services, however I do ask that you do not claim to have done the editing yourself.

cuts ‘n’ clips


  • Up to 1 hour raw footage
  • Basic Music Selection
  • 10 Minor Revisions
  • No Subtitles
  • No “Stream Highlights”



  • Subtitles If Requested
  • Best music I can find
  • Short turnaround time
  • 10 Revisions
  • No Montages



  • Medium turnaround time
  • Subtitles If Requested
  • Color Coded Nametags
  • Up to 6 hours raw footage
  • You have to send the VOD

music video


  • Full Effects Library
  • Up to 20 minutes
  • Commercial Use
  • I have no experience in this but I will try my damn best.

NOTE: The “hourly rate” listed above is based on how many hours the raw, original video sent is. NOT how long it takes to edit!


Looking to team?

If you are planning on hiring an editor for multiple videos into the future, reach out to me and we can work something out. Try to get an idea of what kinds of videos based on the plans above.